Every workplace comes with its own unique hazards and risks, but some workplaces need to do more to keep their employees safe. The electric vehicle (EV) charging industry is a good example of that. Having good Health and Safety in EV Charging is needed to ensure that projects are delivered on time and safely

Health and safety covers a wide range of topics, and every business must adhere to the relevant regulations as well as those rules and processes for their particular industry. This can be confusing for businesses to navigate, and knowing what areas to prioritise first. Our experts at Osprey Solent bring a wealth of experience with health and safety in the commercial EV Charging industry, so you can be confident that they will help you put the right things in place.

Health and safety for EV Charging construction sites and their workers lowers the risk of delays to the delivery of the project, which can cost the business time and money. Employees will also be safer, and in a better position to complete their work with reduced risks of accident and injury, so it really is essential to get it right – for their benefit and the business as a whole.

Not only will we help put your business in the best shape, by following the latest regulations and best practice updates that you need to be compliant with, but we can help ensure your staff are ready with specialised training and accredited health and safety courses specifically designed for the construction industry. We leave no gaps so you can plan ahead and move forward with confidence.

Whether it is providing the right training, needing guidance on implementing the appropriate control measures to reduce the risks on site, or just ensuring that you are implementing best practice across your Electric Vehicle charging construction projects. It is important that you have an experienced health and safety consultant within the EV charging sector supporting your business so that you can continue to thrive. Osprey Solent do this for you so it gives you the time to focus.


Good Health and safety in the Electric Vehicle charging construction sector is the best way to keep all workers safe and put them in the best position to meet deadlines and project completions on time as well as ensuring that members of the public are kept safe from delivering the work. Accidents and injuries can result in lost time waiting for them to recover, or recruiting, finding and training new staff to replace them, which is a costly process. Caring for the well-being of your workforce will improve their loyalty to the company and their desire to stay, which is also beneficial.

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