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At Osprey Solent we are your outsourced Health & Safety department

Health and Safety legislation has a reputation for being restrictive and excessively demanding on business owners, particularly SMEs, we don’t share or encourage that view. Health and Safety legislation has contributed to the UK having one of the most impressive safety records in the world. We specialise in ensuring that our clients achieve compliance with the relevant legislation efficiently, effectively, and economically, so they can concentrate on doing whatever it is that they do best.

We know that our clients want to protect the health, safety and welfare of their workforce, customers, and visitors, without compromising their bottom line. We implement systems and procedures that allow them to do just that.

At Osprey Solent we believe that good health and safety makes perfect business sense.

Frequently, health and safety is made much more complicated that it needs to be. We’re not suggesting that it’s five-minute job – far from it in fact – however, complying with the law and ensuring that your staff and customers are kept safe and healthy doesn’t have to be the sole focus of your day.

At Osprey Solent we specialise in developing health and safety systems that slot into our client’s arrangements.

We help them to produce health and safety policies, complete risk assessments, train staff and much, much more.

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